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By: Chandler Ives, Creative Director

NHADA Member Contemporary Automotive practices environmental stewardship in more than a few different ways—in case you didn't know, the dealership's roof features a 450 panel photovoltaic solar array. Since the array was commissioned in November of 2017, it has saved over 389,670 lbs. of CO2 emissions equivalent to the amount of CO2 sequestered by 9,814 trees.

Most recently, Contemporary Automotive has integrated a field of wildflowers (pictured above) into their parking area. The wildflower bed, loaded with pollinators, will only become more full next year, and beyond. 

The solar array and the wildflower bed are only a couple of examples of how the dealership commits to "going green", check out a full list below:

1. Used Motor Oil is stored on site and heats the entire building
  • 4,330 gallons storage capacity
  • Double Wall storage tanks, High-level alarms, overflow shut off, and interstitial monitors all designed to prevent spills
  • Floor drains removed from repair shop floors to prevent ground water contamination
  • Repair shop floor is pitched to the center forming a basin w/ effective capacity of approximately 2,000 gallons
  • Heat is distributed to over 70% of the building via in-slab radiant heat generated by the burning of used motor oil

2. Reduced water consumption both inside and outside the building
  • Low flow plumbing fixtures installed throughout the building
  • Native, drought tolerant plants used in exterior planning areas
  • No irrigation system installed

3. Stormwater runoff managed using Bio-retention Rain Gardens allowing stormwater to be absorbed in the ground.

4. Energy Efficient Building Envelope
  • LED Lighting installed inside and outside the building. All interior lights are LED, all exterior lights are LED
  • R38 Insulation used for the roof, this exceeds the energy code required R20 insulation
  • White rubber roof installed to deflect heat from the sun
  • 2” under-slab hard foam insulation installed in over 70% of the building
  • 5 Large destratification fans installed in the showroom and repair shop
  • Reflective exterior glass reduces the amount of heat absorbed through the glass
  • 3” insulated metal panels form the building exterior

5. Solar Powered EV Charging Stations – 2 Solar Powered EV Level 2 Charging Stations installed. 1 EV station is available for public access 24/7, there is no cost to the consumer for the use of the EV charging station.

6. Reduced landfill impact and paper consumption

  • High speed electric hand dryers installed in all Rest Rooms to reduce paper and energy consumption
  • Single Stream Recycling program throughout the building
  • Water bubbler with water bottle refill to reduce plastic bottles in the landfill
  • Ceramic coffee cups, dishes, and glassware to reduce use of paper goods
  • Recyclable coffee pods

7. Repurposed furniture used where applicable in many office spaces

8. New energy efficient shop equipment installed throughout the Repair Shop

9. Currently the largest Solar-powered auto dealership in NH
    • 450 Panel Photovoltaic Solar Array installed on the roof –
    • Approximately 150,000 kWH annual production capacity
    • Since the array was commissioned in November 2017, it has saved over 389,670 lbs. of CO2 emissions equivalent to the amount of CO2 sequestered by 9,814 trees

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Chandler Ives, Creative Director

As the Creative Director, Chandler oversees all visual content for the association, he works closely with the publisher to assure Drive: NH is filled with rich, aesthetically pleasing content. Additionally, he is responsible for the content on and all of the association’s social media channels. Outside the office he enjoys spending time with friends, family, and both playing and watching hockey—go Bruins!

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