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September 2017

NHADA's Workforce Recruiter

School begins now, and NHADA will be attending... the job fairs and career days that schools offer that is. Besides the marketing efforts, website development and other efforts to beef up the number of potential motor vehicle professionals in NH, we have also brought in our first Workforce Recruiter, Jessica Dade. Meet Jess in this issue, and learn more about our Workforce Development plans.

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Summer 2017

Cruisin' at the  Convention 

The 1909 Stanley Steamer, Larry Foss’ ’29 Plymouth and the other classics, the hilarious comedy of New England’s Bob Marley; the poolside party with its terrific food and music – all are memories now of the terrific Cruisin’ Convention. You can view these scenes, and many more, in this edition of Dateline: NH.

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June 2017

Business Education Conference A Success, Now on to the Cruisin' Convention

Last month in this monthly message we invited you to the Business Education Conference and Partner Expo. We're delighted to report to you that the event was a great success. Read more about it and view a few pictures from the event in the June issue of Dateline: NH. As summer approaches, we eagerly anticipate the upcoming family Cruisin' Convention at the Red Jacket Resort in North Conway, as incoming NHADA Chairman Mike Kopp writes in the issue.

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May 2017

High School Team Competes Nationally in NYC

The Salem High School auto tech team's visit to the National Automotive Technology Competition in New York City. The young techs represented the finest among NH's promising automotive technical students. Meanwhile, teams of a different sort have been promoting the motor vehicle industry among young people in just one aspect of our diverse efforts to increase NH's auto tech labor pool.

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April 2017

NH Advantage

Certainly we have the NH advantage here when it comes to car ownership. NH is, by far, the best state for owning a car, according to the lead article in this issue, which the NH Union Leader generously allowed us to reprint. Read the article and find that this happy circumstance is more than coincidental.

March 2017


Help Wanted that is. That's likely to be your first take-away from the March issue of Dateline: NH. And it makes sense because March brings the kick-off of our drive to expand New Hampshire's motor vehicle workforce. Many of you members are looking for new, young automotive professionals. The month we start an effort to help with that. We'll require your long-term participation and commitment.
Of course, look for much, much more in this month's issue of Dateline: NH.

February 2017

Too Good to Pass Up

"Too good to pass up," is how NHADA's Loss Prevention Coordinator Brian Duplessis describes the safety orientation training available to you through NHADA. Even if you hire only very rarely, this article will help. Also NHADA's Legal Hotlines are free, but there are expectations that come with their use. Read on for a reminder of the important differences between documentary and administrative fees. We provide you with ideas on recruiting that new technician you've been looking for, and much more.

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January 2017

Where are the Techs?

A NH Job Training grant allows NHADA members to send their entry-level employees to college auto tech courses for half-price and plays a vital role in our "player development strategy.

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December 2016

TIME Honors Emmett Horgan

NHADA is excited to announce Emmett Horgan as TIME Dealer of the Year, not only for his charity and community work, but most importantly because of his years of devotion to the NHADA Workers' Compensation Trust.

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November 2016

When Subjected To A Warranty Audit, You Need To Know Your Rights

Several NH dealers recently have been the subject of a manufacturer's warranty audit. And it appears we are entering another cycle wherein manufacturers actively pursue warranty audits.... You have several protections under NH law.

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October 2016

2017-Model NH Auto Show: New Dates

They are scheduled for later this year (just before Thanksgiving), but the Fourth Annual Charity Preview Night and NH Auto Show promise to bring many advantages to members of the NHADA regardless, and the timing may be better.